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Tennessee Highway Safety Office Recognizes 8 High Schools for Involvement in Reduce TN Crashes

TENNESSEE – On Monday, May 16 the Tennessee Highway Safety Office (THSO) recognized 8 high schools for their work as leaders in traffic safety education and awareness. Stone Memorial High School, Cumberland County High School, Dyer County High School, Unicoi County High School, Clay County High School, South Gibson County High School, Gatlinburg-Pittman High School, and Gibson County High School were each awarded the 2021-2022 Gold Traffic Safety Award for completing activities with the Reduce TN Crashes program. Each of the schools earned over 3,000 points and completed a combined number of over 210 traffic safety activities across the state. Each Gold schools will be receiving an awards kit sponsored by Innocorp, ltd. and State Farm®.

In addition, we want to Congratulate all of the high schools that participated this year. A combined total of 56 high schools with over 295 traffic safety activities submitted.

“The THSO is proud to congratulate the Reduce TN Crashes gold award winners,” said THSO Director Buddy Lewis. “Today’s youth will become our future leaders. It’s important to empower them with the resources and support needed to lead the next generation to become safe, responsible drivers.”

ReduceTNCrashes.com is a portal connecting schools with teen traffic safety activities. Activities allow local or national organizations and community leaders to work alongside students to further traffic safety education and awareness. Participating high schools began their fall semester by registering on the Reduce TN Crashes website. Each school then spent the school year selecting activities from the Reduce TN Crashes website, engaging their peers and community, and then submitting documentation of their completion of those activities to earn points and a spot on the Reduce TN Crashes leaderboard. At the end of the academic year, participating schools received a THSO certificate with a ranking indicative of the respective school’s placement: Bronze, Silver, or Gold. Get a head start on the 2022- 2023 school year by activating your school. – See link below to start planning for Fall.

Click here to see all schools: https://www.reducetncrashes.or...

Click here for photos: https://bit.ly/3lfESGc

Reduce TN Crashes: https://reducetncrashes.org/

For more information, contact Stephanie Scarborough at sscarborough@tntech.edu.

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