DCHS STEM presents Bailey Chair to local dog

On April 26, 2023, Mr. Ricks’ STEM 2 class students presented a “Bailey Chair” to a special-needs dog. Bailey chairs serve as doggy high chairs or feeding chairs, specifically designed for dogs with megaesophagus – a condition known to leave a dog unable to eat their food normally because the esophagus lacks the motility to swallow food and sometimes water.

Moose is an 8-month-old puppy who will soon become a medical service dog with megaesophagus. Moose’s owner, Lindsey Frilot, contacted Paws to Care about his condition in hopes they would have a Bailey Chair or knew someone who could make one.

After a Facebook post seen by Ms. Kim Johnson, our Cafeteria manager, and a couple of phone calls, the DCHS STEM class was on it! From start to finish, it took students Aiden Finley, Simon Mulikin, Anglie Dykes, and Ashlynn Hermann around two weeks to make the chair.

We are grateful Paws to Care representatives Cindy Riggs, and Kelley Seaton could attend the Baily Chair reveal. Paws to Care does so much for our community, and we are honored for the opportunity to help them help others. We hope this chair serves Moose well for a long time!

The DCHS STEM students love getting real-world experience tasks. If you or your business have a project you’d like our students to take on, please get in touch with Mr. Taylor Ricks at DCHS.