DCHS stem presents podium

On Thursday, April 27, 2023, Mr. Ricks' STEM 2 class revealed a requested project to the Newbern Elementary School leadership team.

NES Principal Kevin Hill and his team tasked the class with building a new podium for their school. Mr. Ricks broke up the class into teams that had to build a prototype. Once the prototypes were built, they were presented to Mr. Kevin and his team, who voted on the one they thought best represented NES. They requested a grand reveal when the chosen podium was complete, which took around four weeks. What a fun way to recognize the work these students put into this project!

The chosen podium was built by Kennedy Medford, Lacie Coleman, Mia Simpson, Natalie Sisk, and Hayden Floyd.

"WOW! You all have really outdone yourselves! Said NES Principal Kevin Hill. "All the prototypes were great, but when we saw this one, we just knew it was the one! We can't wait to use it at awards day programs and special events."

Mr. Ricks' STEM 2 class comprises talented sophomores-seniors, and they all deserve recognition for their hard work on this project. In no particular order, the students are Devyn Burns, Christian Chandler, Lacie Coleman, Dylan Daniels, Alina Davis, Wyatt Davis, Angela Dykes, Aidan Finley, Hayden Floyd, Colton Ford, Ashlyn Hermann, Peyton Kennedy, Seth Ladd, Evan Lee, Kennedy Medford, Simon Mulikin, Colton Owens, Dorian Owens, Tyler Pierce, Leland Shands, Mia Simpson, Natalie Sisk, Toby Wilson Ethan Witherington, Ian Young.

This is the fourth podium that Mr. Ricks' STEM class has built for schools throughout the district, and we couldn't be more proud of these students and Mr. Ricks for what they do. We are grateful for the hands-on experience these students get from these projects.